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New Password Registration

In order to view specific items available for your quotation under the ’Parts for Quotation’ heading, your company must apply for a password from MHI. Based on whether or not you have previously received a password or not, please follow the instructions below.

Please be aware you are invited to pre-view the ’Parts for Quotation’ section of this forum before deciding if your company wishes to register for a password. However the pre-view option will limit your ability to view sensitive or confidential information.

Pre-Registered Companies

If you have already obtained a password from MHIET within the past 2 months, it is not necessary to re-apply for a new password (you may go directly to the ’Parts for Quotation’ section.

If your password is more than 2 months old, you must apply for a new password now. The application form is very simple and waiting period short for companies that have received a password in the past. You may request a renewalby fax (see contact information) or file electronically by filing out the attached from.

(Average waiting time for password assignment is 2 working days)

Un-Registered Companies

For security reasons, any company that wishes to view detailed information under the ’Parts for Quotation’ heading of this Purchasing Forum must first register for a password. To register, please complete the application form below by fax or electronic registration:

(Average waiting time for password assignment is 4 working days)