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MU-G series

Mitsubishi MU-G Series of Power Generation Systems offers complete customer satisfaction. It is like the feeling you get from a well-tailored business suit!

The Power Generation System of Mitsubishi's MU-G Series are custom-built. We examine customers' needs and circumstances before offering you our products. You can select the most appropriate power generation system from a wide variety of equipment and specifications. We attempt to provide comprehensive support from the design stage to after-sale service. Customers in many countries who demand the highest quality have all been most satisfied with our products and service.

Diesel Generator Set M6U2-G / Remote Radiators / Fuel Storage Tanks

Features of the MU-G Series

  • Ten types in five models cover a wide range of output from 750 kVA to 4,500 kVA to meet all scale requirements and a range of uses.
  • A variety of control systems and safety devices to suit users' requirements.
  • Low fuel cost and low noise for continuous operation.
  • Compact yet powerful systems. Installation is simple and models require a minimum of space.
  • Standard specifications include anti-vibration and noise attenuating design to enable users to install their own system in a range of locations.
  • Environment-friendly measures are incorporated into all systems, such as denitration and desulphurization devices.
  • The systems are economically designed to reduce maintenance and replacement parts.
  • Wide range of running speed from 720 rpm to 1,200 rpm flexibly meets different requirements.
  • Electric power output from low to high voltages are available.

MU-G Series Power Generation Systems, equipped with superb control functions, supply high quality electric power that rarely exhibits any voltage fluctuation. In countries where public utilities are still in the development stage, the MU-G series is useful for generating electricity at the same level of reliability as that supplied in Japan. Our power generation systems can support the computerized precision machinery and communication networks-indispensable to the development of leading-edge technology.

The control panel monitors changes in electricity consump-tion around the clock in order to maintain the maximum power generation efficiency. Users can thereby enjoy very economical operation. No operators are required to monitor this as each power generation system starts and stops almost automatically. This helps prevent accidents caused by operational errors. These power generation systems can deal with a variety of situations, such as operations in combination with the public electricity power service and automatic switching to a private system if the public utility should be interrupted.

Control Panel for Full-Auto Control / Exhaust Gas Boilers / Transformers / DG Room and Cabling